3 in 1 Keyboard and Keadphone Cleaner

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Split design: 3 in 1 computer cleaning kit is equipped with nylon bristles, flocking sponge, high density bristles, metal nibs. The double head hidden design meets a variety of cleaning needs.
Multifunctional cleaning brush: flocking sponge can clean the dusty earphones in the wireless charging box, high density brush can clean the dirt on the earphone outlet, and the metal pen tip can clean stubborn dust, nylon brush can clean the keyboard crevice dust.
The soft brush does not hurt the keyboard: the nylon brush with moderate hardness is selected, and the three row design has high pore strength and good elasticity.
Easily respond to various cleaning needs: four cleaning heads, deep clean every corner of the keyboard and earphones, so that dust has nowhere to hide.
Wide range of applications: Keyboard, earphone, Mobile phones, microphones, computers, cameras, etc. are also applicable.

Material: ABS Plastic
Size Chart:
Package Includes:
1x Keyboard Cleaning Brush


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