8 Grid Ice Tray

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8 Grid Ice Tray

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【Transparent cover】The transparent cover can be seen to prevent leakage, dust and odor. The cover is made of PP polypropylene material, which is dust-proof and odor-proof, and can also prevent ice cubes from smelling each other.
【Easy demoulding】With a single tap, the ice cubes can be easily demolded. A variety of ways to take ice, safe and easy to use
【Space saving】Easy to take and easy to take, can be stacked layer by layer into the refrigerator, saving refrigerator space, take it as you go
【Anti-skid bottom】 Elevate the bottom, anti-skid and anti-freeze. The bottom is raised, wear-resistant and non-slip, which is conducive to stacking. At the same time, it can prevent the box from freezing in the refrigerator when making ice.
【Creative DIY】 You can add your favorite fruit, milk, etc. to make creative ice cubes

Material: TPE soft glue PP
Specifications: 8 cells/box
Color: pink/yellow/green/blue/navy blue

Package Included:

1/2/4* Ice box

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Blue, Green, Navy Blue, Pink, Yellow


1pc, 2pcs, 4pcs


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