Anti-Gravity Race Track Toy

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Anti-Gravity Race Track Toy

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Design: This is a fashion cool kids toys car, The car is anti-gravity design, Pilot run can push and then put in orbit, Because of magnetic design and inertia, The car can be a perfect fit orbit, Even when crossing a roundabout, It won’t fall off if you buckle it upside down, A perfect run the whole track down can even knock down the obstacles.It’s a great boy toys.
DIY: And unlike others, We have two carts with wheels, The kids can race car together.Even children can DIY assemble and design the shape of the track, Which exercise children’s hands-on ability, Creativity and imagination. It also contains obstacles such as buckets, Slopes, Road signs, etc., Which increases the fun of the game.
Kids favorite gifts: If your child likes toy cars, It is not wrong to choose this one. It can satisfy the curiosity of children to explore games, and do it yourself can help expand their brains and improve their imagination. It is suitable for all kinds of early education or indoor and outdoor or in-person interactive toddler educational toys.
High-quality material: This children’s toy track car is made of high-quality and safe ABS material, Which has been tested by many parties and meets the standard. Safe, Non-toxic, Good quality, Multi-functional, Anti-fall, Can be used for a long time, Adults and children can use it with confidence, You can play with confidence when the material is safe.

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