Beetle Clothes Pillow

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Product Details:
Size: 60cm,1m
Plush classification: crystal super soft
Modeling category: animal
Filling material: PP cotton
Image: Beetle
Material: plush
Color: red and black
Applicable age: youth (15-35 years old)

1.Fun role play: the unique ladybug design catches the eye, enjoy a lively and comfortable nap with the wearable ladybug pillow, the cute red shell and vivid hat design make you look like a ladybug while resting insect.
2.Big bug pillow ladybird: cute bug plush cushion large size ladybird clothes insect bowl to put on. Whether you are relaxing, playing games or watching your favourite movies or series wherever you are, with the portable ladybird cushion, you can feel warm and happy anytime and anywhere.
3.Huge portable ladybird pillow: the wearable ladybug pillow is made of wear-resistant plush and PP cotton, soft and fluffy, with excellent resilience. The surface is pleasant to touch and will soon become your dear friend to cuddle.
4.Ladybird cushion for dressing: giant portable ladybird pillow equipped with portable function, the red shell and the cute gives your nap vibrant comfort, whether you are travelling, working or resting, you can enjoy a comfortable nap anytime and anywhere.
5.Unique gift: the vivid and interesting ladybug shape of the ladybug pillow is a unique and thoughtful gift, whether it is a gift for family, friends or colleagues, it will surprise them.

Packing list: 1*Beetle Clothes Pillow

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