Cat Ball Tower Toy

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Shipping Information
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Composition and care


1. Increase interest: Through the multi-layer playing board design, you can generate interest and enthusiasm for cat games without overdoing it.
2. Happy fan blade: Cat ball tower toy stimulates cats’ hunting instinct, provides various ways to play, and is designed to enhance interactive fun.
3. With squid: The squid stick brings a fresh fragrance to the cat, making it a happy mood and remembering to enjoy the game more.
4. Safe and durable: The characteristic of cat ball tower toys is that they can ensure the safety and long life of cats.
5. GOOD HEALTH: Cat spinner toys can stimulate your cat’s energy, movement, and promote healthy movement and development.

Product type: Cat ball tower toy
Material: PP, metal
Packing list:
1* Cat ball tower toy

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Blue, Green, Mint Green, Pink, Purple


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