Couples Fun and Romantic Game

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Looking for fun activities for couples, something other than boring conversations about work and to dos?

Want to test your knowledge of your partner’s likes, dislikes and secret wishes?

How about reigniting the passion and flirting as if it’s one of your first dates?


This game will bring you close together with your partner – a night of fun, flirting and next level connection!

For everyone! this is a newlywed game, a great game for married couples, new couples will enjoy it, could even be a save your marriage therapy game!

Based on your comfort level and depending on the occasion you can choose which game to play tonight!

Something for everyone in the box!

THREE GAME LEVELS: Choose the level of closeness in your game by picking Talk, Flirt or Dare cards

GREAT FOR PARTIES: The Talk cards include questions to start fun couple conversations at parties

REFUEL THE CONNECTION in your marriage or relationship with Flirt & Dare cards

NO COMPLICATED RULES: Pick a card & answer the question or complete the romantic dare with your partner

PERFECT GIFT FOR HIM AND PERFECT GIFT FOR HER: Awesome gift and great recipe for a romantic evening together. GREAT PRESENT IDEA: Give as a wedding, newlywed or romantic present to spark up any relationship

Product size: 20*9.5*2cm
Product weight: 290g
Number of cards: 162Pcs
Card size: 6.2*8.7cm (small card)
Material: 300gsm coated paper



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