Crystal Physical Hair Eraser Upgraded version 2.0

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Are you still worried about buying an electronic hair remover device that doesn’t work and wastes money? Or still worried that the traditional razor may accidentally damage your skin? Our painless hair remover is equipped with the latest nanoglass technology, dead skin cells and your hair are gently removed layer by layer, leaving only a small invisible hair tip close to the skin surface.

Our magic crystal hair remover is gentle shaving and hair removal, which can be used without any additives. No chemicals! No allergic reactions! No scratches! Skin irritation, ingrown hairs and razor bumps will all be solved thanks to our crystal hair remover. Our smoothwax hair eraser is more comfortable, healthier for your skin and completely gentle.You won’t feel any pain, just as if you were exfoliating with a scrub.



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Blue, Gold, Rose red


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