Digital Tire Pressure Gauge Chuck

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Product Name: Digital display tire inflation gun
Material: aluminum alloy copper rubber
Display mode: LCD digital display
Pressure unit: four units can be switched to PSI, KPa, Bar, Kgf/cm ^ 2
Measurement range: 3~200PSI/14BAR/14Kgf/cm ^ 2
Working temperature: – 20 to 60 ℃
Key function: On key (left), unit switch key (right)
Working voltage: DC3.1V (using a pair of 1.5V7 batteries) can be replaced
LCD battery symbol flashes when battery voltage is lower than 2.5V
Working current: ≤ 3MA or less (with backlight); ≤ Below 1MA (without backlight)
Static current: ≤ 5UA
Scope of application: motorcycle, motorcycle, car, truck&bus
Packing list: 1* Digital Tire Inflator


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