DIY Wireless 3D Printer Drawing Pen

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DIY Wireless 3D Printer Drawing Pen

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– 【Safety 3D Pen】: No heating parts design, there will be no safety hazards due to high temperature, can use it safely. The pen nib and the plastic can touch, there is no risk of burns. Only use the safest plastic PLA filament.
– 【Interesting Creativity】: 3D printing pen is used as tactile learning to stimulate creativity, design, planning, architecture and spatial understanding. It can help improve spatial thinking, creativity and artistic skills. Designed for creative planes and 3D models, it can relieve stress well and is an alternative to mindfulness picture books. At the same time, this 3D pen is also very suitable for enjoying leisure time and realizing your whimsical ideas.
– 【Great for Gift Giving】: Create, Draw, Doodle, Sketch, and Build like a Pro in 3D with our new LARY 3D Pen. It features variable speed control, as well as a range of other engineering enhancements to ensure a smooth and accurate Doodling experience. Our most advanced 3D Printing Pen – designed for making accurate and creative 3d models and structures. The only limit is your imagination.

Nane: 3D printing pen
Color: purple, blue
Material: ABS
Size: 14.5*3cm
Age: 3 years and above
Package Included:1* 3D printing pen,1* USB data cable,10* Stereoscopic paper film,3* Consumables,1* Manual,1* Copy board,1* Cleaning needle

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Blue, Purple


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