Dog Teething Stick

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Dog Teething Stick

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❤UPGRADED MATERIALS ❤ This toys is made of natural rubber which is non-toxic and Eco-friendly, we have upgraded the material so that the dog toothbrush is more robust and can withstand the chewing of the dog, longer service life, texture It is Softer and protects the health and safety of the dog’s gums.
❤ SIZE ❤ We design different sizes and types for different dogs. For specific sizes, you can see the detailed picture. A suitable new toothbrush can make dogs fall in love with their own brushing. It can also help them clean their teeth and protect their oral diseases.
❤ DESIGN ❤ The tooth cleaning bristles have raised ridges and are relatively soft. They can massage the gums and teeth to protect the dog’s teeth, protect them from oral diseases, and maintain fresh breath. Dog toothbrushes can be used with any dog toothpaste to provide Thorough cleaning to remove tartar and plaque.
❤ TOOTHBRUSH USAGE ❤ The dog’s toothbrush has bristles on all four sides. You can squeeze the toothpaste into the top hole or toothbrush slot to help the pet deep clean the teeth and let the dog chew the toothbrush toy for 10-20 minutes under your supervision You can also spread peanut butter or add snacks such as dog food tuna to become chew toys that dogs.


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1*dog teething stick

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