Espresso Coffee Maker

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Create extra strong, barista style coffee in the comfort of your own home! Ideal for coffee shop classics such as americanos, lattes, cappuccinos, macchiatos and more
NOT SUITABLE FOR INDUCTION: Please note that the aluminium coffee makers are not compatible with induction hobs, but our range of stainless-steel options will work with almost any induction device
ERGONOMIC: Handle and lid knob are made from a comfortable Bakelite plastic
WARNING: Please handle the pot with caution when removing from the hob – we recommend using a tea towel or oven mitt to eliminate the risk of burning yourself
SIZES: Available in six sizes: 1 Cup (50ml,13*6cm), 2 Cup (100ml,13.5*7cm), 3 Cup (150ml,15*7.7cm) ,6 Cup (300ml,18.5*9cm). 9 Cup(450ml,21.5*12cm) and 12 Cup(600ml,24*12cm),All sizes are espresso cups

Material:Aluminium, Bakelite Plastic

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