Foldable Push Up Workout Board

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Foldable Push Up Workout Board

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Specific muscle movements By inserting hand grips according to color, you can exercise shoulder muscles, chest muscles, triceps muscles and all parts of the spine.
Portable, Foldable, Simple Assembly and Storage. The handle made of PP/ABS composite plastic can prevent slip without worrying about sweat. Also the thicker plate is safer to exercise. It can be used in room, gym, outdoor etc.
Burning calories and building strength with this innovative push-up system leads you through a total-body strength and conditioning workout.

Product Details:
The combination trainer is the most representative unarmed exercise with effective chest and shoulder development, and beginners can also exercise easily and safely.

Sports Effect of Multifunctional Combination Trainer

1. Red Line-shoulder Movement

The shoulder effectively forms upper body muscles and provides multiple effective positions and angles for shoulder muscle transportation.

2. Blue Line-chest Exercise

Providing a plurality of movements that effectively form the positions and angles of pectoral muscles and upper limb muscles.

3. Green Line-triceps Movement

Provides movements at multiple positions and angles to effectively form peptide triceps muscles.

4. Yellow Line-trapezius muscle movement

Provide multiple positions and angles of movement to effectively form a strong spine.

Material: PP/ABS Composite Plastic
Maximum load: 150kg
Board Size: 60.8*18.5*2cm
Headhand Size:17*10*7.5

Package included:

1 Set of Push Up Rack Board

1 Pair of Headhand


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