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Product Details:
Applicable products:XBOXONE/Xbox Series S/X controller
Scope of application:Joystick Keyboard
Gaming Classification:Entry level,Audiophile,Elite,Ashes
Wireless protocol: 2.4G
Wireless moment away from: effective moment away from 8-10 metres
Operating current (when there is a key press): 0.8mA
Operating current (when no key pressed): 8uA


1. Enhanced Gaming Experience: Elevate your gaming experience with the Gamepad Keyboard designed for XBOXONE/Xbox Series S/X controllers. Easily type messages, commands, or search queries without interrupting your gameplay.

2. High-Quality Material: Crafted with durable ABS material, this keyboard ensures long-lasting performance during intense gaming sessions. Its compact size of 14.2×6.3×4.5cm allows for seamless integration with your controller.

3. Wireless Convenience: The wireless 2.4G protocol offers a reliable connection with an effective range of 8-10 meters. Say goodbye to tangled cords and enjoy the freedom of movement while gaming.

4. Multi-functional Compatibility: Suitable for various gaming classifications including entry-level, audiophile, elite, and ashes. Whether you are a casual player or a pro, this Gamepad Keyboard is an essential accessory for all.

5. Efficient Power Management: With an operating current of 0.8mA during key presses and 8uA when no keys are pressed, this keyboard optimizes power usage for extended battery life. Enjoy uninterrupted gaming sessions without worrying about frequent battery replacements.

Packing list: 1*Gamepad Keyboard

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