Hand Woven Blanket Strip

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Hand Woven Blanket Strip

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1.This type of yarn can be made into Weighted Blanket,which offers a Natural Way to Help Calm Your Body for a Restful Night of Sleep; Great Calming Sensory Blanket for Adults and Children to Help Decompress and Provide Comfort
2.It could be knitted evenly so the weight is distributed evenly and can hold up even for years to come. And the weight comes from the chunky yarn which filled with 100% hollow fiber so it is sturdy and long lasting and beads leak free.
3.The blanket made by this yarn maintains superior breathability and ventilation because of the free airflow via loops on the blanket, so when it laid on you or wrapped around you, it won’t retain too much heat, but only give you soothing and relaxing hugging feel.
4.Perfect for cuddling up on the couch, bed or chair to read a book, watch a show or snuggle with your partner, child or pet. Relaxing and cozy!

Color:Black/White/Dark grey/Light blue/
Material:PP cotton

Package included:
1 pack* Hand Woven Blanket Strip

Tip: The product is in line shape, and a complete blanket needs to be wrapped by you.

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Black, Dark Gray, Light blue, Pink, White


500g, 800g


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