Indoor Mosquito Zapper

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Indoor Mosquito Zapper

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How it works: Using the physical principle, six ultraviolet light bulbs emit 368nm wavelength to attract mosquitoes, and the powerful cyclone seals the mosquitoes inside to make the mosquitoes dehydrate and die. Note: This item is only suitable for trapping mosquitoes in a 20-square-meter room.
Safe: Use a fan whirlpool to inhale mosquitoes, so that they can’t escape, without any chemical ingredients, non-radiation, harmless, non-toxic, suitable for pregnant women, children, human health and environmental safety.
Convenient: Powered by USB, it is very portable, suitable for indoors, and easy to kill mosquitoes! Works silently (<35 dB) and provides absolute tranquility. It can kill mosquitoes or be used for lighting
Bug reduction, but not a complete pesticidal solution and no substitute for pest control services. Not suitable for housefly
Easy to clean: Removable collection tray, all you have to do is empty the dead tray with mosquitoes(make sure that all mosquitoes inside dried to death before you do it) . Hygienic and easy to clean.

Trap range:50㎡

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1*Indoor Mosquito Zapper

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