Inflatable Shampoo Basin

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1. Portable Inflatable Hair Washing Tray is designed for comfortable and convenient bed and chair hair washing. It’s very suitable for wheelchair users.
2. The product is very light, it can be inflated when in use, and the gas in it is released when not in use, and the product is foldable, and the space occupation is very small, which will be very convenient for recycling and multiple uses.
3. The product has a water channel, which will not discharge dirty water everywhere during use.
4. The product is equipped with a quick-release valve and anti-leakage inflation valve to prevent the gas from leaking when flushing, and quickly discharge the gas when it needs to be stored after use.
5. The product comes with repair stickers. If the product is broken without proper use, it can be repaired in time to achieve the effect of repeated use.
6. Pls don’t inflate the washing basin in full size, inflate it in 70/80% percent


Package Size:20*10.5*14CM

Package Included:
1* inflatable basin
1* air pump
1* water pipe
1* repair patch

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Black, Pink


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