Luminous Soccer Tattoo Stickers

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Luminous Soccer Tattoo Stickers

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Composition and care


【Safe and Reliable】Consists of paper, glue, plastic film, the color pattern is made of high-quality materials, harmless to human skin, and easy to remove.
【Easy Operation】Choose the one you like, then place it face down on the skin, moisten the temporary tattoo with water, and wait for 10 seconds. Then gently peel off the white surface. You will get a temporary tattoo!
【Show Your Personality】Temporary tattoos are suitable for any part of the body and are your best choice. You can choose your favorite fake tattoo pattern and stick it on your body without causing pain.
【Easy to Apply, Truly Waterproof】10-20 seconds just water transfer, easy to clean, wipe the tattoo with alcohol or baby oil, rub it lightly, repeat the process until it is removed.
【Wide Application】Tattoo stickers can be displayed in parties, carnivals, football clubs, football events, it can be displayed on arms, backs of hands, fingers, big feet, small feet, collarbone, north, neck, chest, etc.

Quantity: 10pcs

Package included:
10*Soccer stickers

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