Lunar Lamp Humidifier


Lunar Lamp Humidifier

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Product name: Lunar Lamp Humidifier
Material: PVC/PP+electronic components
Product size: 13 cm in diameter
Product packaging: 13.5*13.5*15.5CM

*The product has a polymer battery, which can turn on the light without plugging in, and can be used as a night light at night. When you need to spray, you need to plug in the USB and use it
*3 Lighting: warm light, warm white light, positive white light. Long press the touch key to adjust the strength.

Product parameter
Input voltage: DC5V Working current: 550mA
Working power: 2.7W Charging input: 5V/1A
Battery capacity: 3.7V 200mA Spray volume: 25-35ML
Water tank capacity: 880ML Spray time: 25-35 hours
Instructions for use
Spray operation: Turn on the power, touch the metal head of the spray switch to turn on the continuous spray mode (the blue indicator light is on during spray work), touch again to turn on the intermittent spray mode (spray for 3 seconds and stop for 3 seconds), touch again to turn off the spray work (The blue indicator light goes out when spraying is finished). Operate in this cycle.
Night light operation: Night light operation: Touch the metal head of the night light control switch to control and adjust the light. Each touch changes the color of the light, white-yellow-warm white-off, and cycle in turn. At the same time, long press the golden metal head to adjust the brightness of the light (long press to brighten, release and long press to darken).
Anti-dry burn: The power will be cut off automatically for 10 hours after continuous spraying, and the power will be cut off automatically for 20 hours at intermittent spraying. After power off, it can be restarted and used.

1*Lunar Lamp Humidifier
1*USB Cable


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