Multicolor LED Light Brick Building Block

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Multicolor LED Light Brick Building Block

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About this item
【Multicolor Lights】Light brick sets have white, red/blue flashing, colorful flashing LED lights.
【Accessory Kit】Compatible with all major brand bricks,children can use them to light up their own cities, towns, princess castles, and a variety of large classic block sets.
【High Quality】The shell is made of the same safe and durable ABS plastic as the classic brand. Durable, odorless, safe and suitable for children.The light brick sets are transparent blocks that do not block the light dispersion.
【Saving Money】Built-in Button cell, power switch, can be long time light with repeated use. When the battery runs out of power, you can buy Button cell to replace, saving you the cost of buying multiple sets of light bricks. Cell type: LR 41, 1.5 V.

Size:2*3cm and 2*2cm
Light color:white, red/blue flashing, colorful flashing

6pcs (1*white 2*2cm, 1*red/blue flashing 2*2cm, 1*colorful flashing 2*2cm,1*white 2*3cm, 1*red/blue flashing 2*3cm, 1*colorful flashing 2*3cm)
or 12pcs (2*white 2*2cm, 2*red/blue flashing 2*2cm, 2*colorful flashing 2*2cm,2*white 2*3cm, 2*red/blue flashing 2*3cm, 2*colorful flashing 2*3cm)

Note: Does not include base plate, compatible with All Major building block base plate

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12pcs, 6pcs


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