Nightcap drink cover scrunchies

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Nightcap drink cover scrunchies

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1.Drink Cover Material:Made of high-quality nylon/spandex material, durable, soft and comfortable, with good elasticity, suitable for most cups.
2.How the Drink Cover Works:This product is multifunctional. When you don’t need it, wear it on your hands or tie your hair as a normal hair tie. When necessary, remove the hair ring, pull out the hidden beverage cover, then put it on your cup, and then insert the straw to prevent other things from falling into the beverage. But for safety, please don’t let your drink out of sight.
3.Reusable Drink Cover:This product can be reused. After each use, it can be washed in the washing machine and left flat to air dry. Buying one is enough for you to use for a long time, of course, you can also choose 2 to use alternately.
4.Protect Drink Cover Scrunchie:This product can prevent particulate matter, debris or other dirty things from entering the beverage.Note that although this product can serve as a reminder to you to a certain extent, you must buy a drink yourself, make sure that the drink does not leave your sight, and do not accept other people’s drinks.This product does not guarantee your safety.

Hair ring diameter 10cm
The cup diameter is 9.5cm, and the maximum diameter cup can be set to 12cm
Black,gray,red,beige,4 color option
2pcs,4pcs and 6pcs to meet your different needing

Note:not inculded straws

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Beige, Black, Red


2pcs, 4pcs, 6pcs


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