Novelty Cactus Plush Pillow

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PREMIUM: Made of high quality and super-soft velour, filled with PP cotton, very soft and comfortable to touch and hug. Cute, fluffy, smooth and comfortable to hug

FEATURES: This plush doll is a combination of a cactus and a human figure, and looks very vivid, as if a man were there. You can put the cactus in a sitting, lying position, as if the person is there to accompany you

PERFECT GIFT: Funny sitting posture, cute eyes, long body, make it look like a real man sitting there. So cute appeatance that you couldnt help touching and hugging it.

HOME DECOR: Its also perfect home decoration, you can place the cute Cactus on the sofa, chair, bed, floor even car, wonderful addition to your room.


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Blue, Green


60cm, 80cm


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