Pets Interactive Track

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Pets Interactive Track

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Composition and care


Made of PP plastic, non-toxic, without chemicals. The surface is smooth and will not cause damage to the cats. You can rest assured that your beloved cats can enjoy the fun of this toy.
The track-style design contains two table tennis balls in the track. The cats moves the table tennis ball through its own claws, and the ball moves continuously in the track to attract the cats interest and keep playing.
It is not only a cats toy, but also an ornament that can be integrated into the home. Instantly you install at home, and don’t worry that it will look awkward, it can bring a little fun to your home.
It only takes 10 seconds to complete the installation. Simply attach the suction cup to the glass to complete the installation. And it can not only be adsorbed on the glass, but also on the smooth tile surface, smooth metal paint surface and smooth stainless steel surface, so you don’t have to worry about finding the installation location.
Please pay attention to clean the glass or wall before installation, so that the suction cup can be more firmly absorbed. Due to factors such as weather changes and sun exposure, the suction cup may become weaker.


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