Portion Control Container Set

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Portion Control Container Set

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Start eating healthier with the portion control set.
Includes BPA-free plastic containers, complete with their own lids.
Get the right portions of proteins, vegetables and other food groups.
The colour-coded and labelled containers make eating easy!
While the leakproof design prevents any spillage in your bag
Take the guesswork out of mealtime!

Product Details:
Green and red boxes: 93mm in diameter and 5.5mm in height, about 290ml
Purple box: diameter 80mm high 43mm about 210ml
Orange box: diameter 80mm high 52mm about 250ml
Blue box: diameter 63.5mm high 39.5mm about 120ml
Small yellow box: diameter 50mm high 30.5mm about 32ml

Package:6 different boxs


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