Puffy Spa Makeup Headband

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Soft material: This headband is mainly made of sponge and Terry fabric. It is soft and comfortable, and has strong water absorption. It can prevent your hair from getting wet when you wash your face. This headband does not damage the scalp and will not be uncomfortable to wear all day.
Design: fluffy headband, like flowers and white clouds, soft and lovely, unique and versatile. The thickened sponge design visually heightens the crown of the skull and fluffs the hair. Cute hair accessories can also modify the face shape, making the face smaller and more lovely.
Sizes: 18*12cm,Our headbands are sized to fit most people because they are very flexible and stretchy so they can be worn by almost anyone.This unique sponge head has a certain weight and is not easy to slip off.
Practical headband: It can be used as a makeup headband, which will not make your hair fall out, so that you can put on the perfect makeup. This can be a facial headband or a female spa headband, which can easily fix your hair when removing makeup, washing face, applying facial mask and spa. Yoga headband, which can perfectly arrange your hair when you are doing sports.

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Black, Blue, Green, light pink, Pink, Purple, White


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