Rechargeable Wireless Closet Lights

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1. Infrared induction of human body: when people come, the light is on, no wiring, no touch switch, no voice control switch, no button switch, when people walk, it will go out automatically without turning off the light manually.
2. Built in advanced light sensor: it can automatically identify day and night, to ensure that the light is in the standby state during the day, the night to detect people automatically on.
3. LED lamp beads: using LED lamp beads, which has energy saving, environmental protection, safety, high efficiency, power saving, explosion-proof and other advantages.
4. Adjustable light brightness: this body induction lamp has two color temperatures for you to choose–cold white or warm white.
5. Applicable for: it is applicable for wardrobe, cupboard, corridor, which is practical.

Power supply mode: usb charging
Color temperature: cold white/warm white
Lampshade material: PC
Voltage: ≤36V(V)
Switch type: inductive
Light source power: 2W
Package Included:
1* Body induction lamp

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