Refrigerator Fresh-keeping Box

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Useful: This kind of storage box can be used to store fruits and vegetables, placing it to the refrigerator and keeping your food fresh.
Compartments: This fridge preservation container has 3 cavities, you can store different foods, such as garlic, pepper, ginger, etc.
Stackable: This storage holder is designed with slots which are convenient for you to store the box when not in use, saving space.
With lid: This fruit organizer protects your foods from dust and dirt effectively, and the visible design makes your identification easier.
Draining: This storage box can drain the water quickly, and it keeps the food from going bad for 15 days in refrigerator.
Material: PP, PET.
Size: approx. 24*9.8*6cm/9.45×3.86×2.36inch.
Package Includes:
1 Piece Fresh-keeping Box.

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