Reversible Huggy Wuggy Plush Doll

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😻 Reversible Huggy Wuggy PLUSHIES : ENGLASIA plushies are reversible, the upper and inner layers of happy sad Huggy Wuggy toy reversible are made of soft high-quality cotton stuff that you will enjoy while playing. You’ll feel like you have two plushies in one toy.
😻 Easy to wash; Whenever there are any stains on Huggy Wuggy teddy, you can wash it with soap and water.
😻 Perfect Gift for Any Occasion: Do you want something for your daughter or friend? Either it’s a birthday or just any other event, this soft toy is made for your loved ones, and they can express emotions without even saying it in words. They will love it and keep it as a long memory of yours.

Size:diameter 20CM
Material:PP cotton

Package included:
1 or 2 Reversible Huggy Wuggy Plush Doll

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1pc, 2pcs


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