Starry Sky Projector Lamp& Bluetooth Speaker

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Starry Sky Projector Lamp& Bluetooth Speaker

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Shipping Information
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Composition and care


Product style: Pink and blue
Product specifications: 120x122x156mm
Product material: ABS+silicone+PS+PC+PET
Product accessories: manual + charging cable + projection film
Rated voltage: DC5V 2A
Bluetooth power: 3W
Motor power: 0.5w
Lamp bead power: 4W (3×0.13W/LED module)
Battery capacity: 1200mAh
Product net weight: about 340g
Product gross weight: about 555g

For the first use, it is recommended to charge for 3-6 hours first.
When this product is not playing music, the Bluetooth function will automatically turn off after ten minutes to save power.
This product comes with overcharge and overdischarge power protection.
This product is not suitable for use by children under 14 years of age.
When not in use for a long time, it should be fully charged and the product should be turned off for storage, and refilled every 3 months.
When the battery power is low, it will affect the use of Bluetooth audio and lighting functions. Please charge it in time.
Please use this product away from strong magnetic fields and electric fields.

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Blue, Pink


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