Travel Motion Sickness Bands

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HEALTHY AND EFFECTIVE: the anti-nausea bands for wrists can help you to stop feeling sick when travel or pregnancy, can effectively reduce morning sickness, car sickness, sea sickness, airsickness, flight sickness and other motion sickness.
DRUG-FREE NAUSEA RELIEF: the drug-free motion sickness bands provide a most natural choice and healthiest way without causing drowsiness, bad symptoms, or any side effects, help to reduce the nausea you suffered from.
HOW BANDS TO WORK: the travel bands work by pressing the acupuncture points with special plastic pressure ball to keep motion sickness and nausea at a low level, it is recommend that wear in two hands for better effects.
ONE SIZE FITS ADULTS AND KIDS: each sickness band measures in 5.5 cm * 3 cm, that one size fits both for adults and kids, harmless to skin, please stretch motion sickness wristbands to ensure a comfortable fit.


Package included:2Pcs

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