USB Heating Shawl

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Composition and care


1. Energy-saving: Carbon fiber heating material, good thermal conductivity, heat up quickly after being inserted into the USB port. The heater part is thicker and the heat dissipation is even.
2. Multifunctional electric shoulder bag: When working in the cold winter, hang the electric carpet on your shoulders to keep your body warm. Also as a knee rest.
3. Skin-friendly material, hand washable: Soft material, fluffy, he hair is not easy to fall off, not easy to fade. Excellent abrasion resistance, easy to clean, easy to dry.
4. Practical and convenient: You can cover your knees, wrap your waist, hang it on your shoulders, and use cushions, electric heating pads, etc. to heat it. Safe and environmentally friendly: USB heating shawl has low voltage and low power consumption, requiring DC5V, 4W. The voltage lower than 36V is a safe voltage and there is no danger of electric shock.

Power supply mode: USB
Color: black/brown
Material: carbon fiber
Size: about 45x80cm
Power: 4W
Voltage: 5V

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1 * USB Heating Shawl

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Black, Brown


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