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Four sizes vacuum storage bags in meet your various needs: They will effectively save up to 80% space which provide a perfect storage solution for seasonal clothes, towels, blankets, pillows etc.

Carefully selected premium PA + PE materials that are durable and reusable for years. Vacuum compression bags protect your stored items from moisture, dust, mildew, bugs and odors. It is a great way to keep your closet and suitcase neat and organized.

Works with any home vacuum cleaner and electric air pump that means you can remove all excess air at ease. Our space saver bags with special double zip seals to push all the air out and keeps them tight for a period of time.

Transparent design makes it easy to find what you need at the first glance. It’s the best solution to store your out of season or bulky items such as comforter, blanket, duvet, bed sheets, etc! Moreover, you can fold the vacuum bags into small size to storage in a drawer, closet, or luggage when not in use.

1 hand pump is included in the combo, which can be used during travel.

Small 40×60cm:

The small size can fit in 6-8 sweaters or 1 or 2 winter coats. But it is not big enough for bedding.

Medium 60x80cm:

The Medium size can be used to store 10-11 sweaters & several bulky winter jumpers or items like curtains and pillows.

Large 80×100cm:

The Large size can be used to store double duvets, pillows, towels, curtains or 1 queen bedding set.

Jumbo 100x120cm:

The Jumbo size of bag that are designed for king comforters, blankets, huge toys and bedding sets

Tips of Usage

4-STEP Vacuum

1. PACK: place the bag on a flat surface-on the floor or a desk. Fold clothes flat and put them inside the bag evenly.

2. SEAL: use the zip clip, slide back and forth several times to make sure the zippers are fully sealed without leaking vents.

3. VACUUM: place the vacuum nozzle or hose gently on the valve port(do not press hard), or link a hand pump (screw-up ports).

4. STORE: After vacuuming secure the valve lid and check for leakings, then put away and store the bag.

Usage Tips

1. completely dry all items before putting away and storing them in vacuum bags.

2. avoid over-stuffing beyond the max volume line, use multiple bags instead.

2. double check the zippers for full closure, avoid stuff with sharp corners.

3. check leaking holes if there are “hiss” sound, a sticky tape should fix this problem.

4. re-vacuum the bags every 3-4 month for long-term storage.

5. vacuum storage is not suitable for down fibers and leather items.



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