2 Pack Fruit Fly Traps Kitchen Gnat Killer

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2 Pack Fruit Fly Traps Kitchen Gnat Killer

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Safe Gnat Killer: Uses a food lure whatever you want, whether in the kitchen, living room, bar, or supermarket, gnat killer for indoor is safe. Reusable and environmentally friendly.
Reusable Gnat Traps: You just have to open the lid of the fruit fly trap, put the bait such as fruit, cider vinegar, soapy water or cheap wine into the fruit fly traps indoor, then close the lid. Put it in a place where there are plenty of fruit flies.
Working Principle: Flies that enter the knat and fruit fly trap for home through one of the many funnel-shaped holes are unable to escape and continue breeding. In a matter of days, you will notice a dramatic decrease of fruit flies around your home.

Material: Plastic
Size: Diameter 6CM, Height 5.5CM

Method of application:
1. Open the fruit fly trap lid.
2. Put the bait in the trap . Recommended bait: fruits, apple cider vinegar, soapy water or others.
3. Cover the lid and place the trap in a place where fruit flies are infested and flies will fly in from the top holes.

What’s included:
2 Pack Fruit Fly Traps

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