Plane/Rocket Domino Set

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Plane/Rocket Domino Set

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  • 【DOMINO TOY TRAIN】The domino toy train set is composed of 60 small building blocks and a train. The small train will issue licenses from the rear of the car while driving, adjust the chimney to control the direction of travel, and put on various creative shapes, simple, time-saving and labor-saving , The baby can also put the cards manually by himself. Children will use their imagination and creativity with building blocks and small trains to independently complete different domino routes.
  • 【ENLIGHTENMENT EARLY EDUCATION】 3-8 years old is the prime time to improve children’s concentration. The chain reaction of domino dumping attracts children’s visual tracking and exploration. When children play with this domino train toy, they must control the direction of the train and place dominoes of different colors. In the process of building dominoes, opening up the creative thinking and hands-on practical ability can stimulate children’s spatial imagination and color recognition ability.
  • 【SIMULATION SOUND EFFECTS, EASY TO PLAY】 When starting the train, it will emit the sound effects of a real train, which adds to the fun of playing. How to play: ①Pull out the magazine and put the dominoes in turn; ②Insert the loaded magazine into the top of the train; ③Insert 2 AA batteries at the bottom of the train; ④Start the train and place the dominoes at the rear of the train.③ Knock down dominoes; ④ When the last domino falls, the plane or rocket will be launched


Option:Plane domino set/Rocket domino set

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1*Plane/Rocket domino set

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